Chase Harmer, Founder of Wishes Inc., Offers Tips on How to Quickly Start a Fundraiser

Los Gatos, CA, 27th March 2024, ZEX PR WIREAs the founder of Wishes Inc., Chase Harmer understands the importance of making fundraising accessible and efficient for both wishers and nonprofits alike. With the aim of revolutionizing the fundraising landscape, Wishes Inc. introduces an innovative platform that simplifies the process of fundraising and donating. Chase Harmer is now sharing expert tips on how individuals and nonprofits can quickly kickstart their fundraising efforts using the Wishes app.

To begin a fundraiser with Wishes Inc., Harmer says, the first step is simple: download the Wishes app. Once installed, he adds, users can easily create their fundraising story by clicking on the “Create a Story” feature. Afterward, Wishes Inc. sends a comprehensive Wish Kit containing best practices and tips to optimize the fundraising campaign.

“Tell your story,” says Chase Harmer. “Add your photo or video and choose the categories you need funding for.” 

Personalizing your campaign and sharing your mission with clarity and passion, Harmer emphasizes, is key to attracting donors. Once the story is crafted, he notes, it’s time to spread the word. Chase Harmer urges users of Wishes Inc to utilize various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more to share the fundraising story with friends, family, and followers. With Wishes Inc., Harmer says, reaching a wider audience to help bring your course to fruition has never been easier.

For potential donors looking to make a difference, Harmer says, the process is equally straightforward. Simply download the app and search for a story or category to support. Once identified, Chase Harmer says, donations can be made directly through the app. Harmer adds that, donors can rest assured knowing that Wishes Inc. provides complete transparency into how their donations are utilized, offering spending insights and tax-deductible letters for all contributions.

“Wishes Inc. is bridging the gap between wishers and donors, providing a seamless platform for fundraising and donating,” explains Chase Harmer. “Whether you’re fundraising for yourself, on behalf of someone else, or for a nonprofit, Wishes Inc. empowers you to make a meaningful impact.”

With Wishes Inc., Harmer notes, wishers gain access to the resources and donors needed to support their cause, while donors enjoy transparency and tax benefits for their contributions. The platform, he says, aims to redefine the charitable giving experience by ensuring that every donation counts and is utilized effectively.

About Wishes Inc.

Wishes Inc. is a groundbreaking platform designed to simplify the fundraising and donation process for wishers and nonprofits. Founded by Chase Harmer, Wishes Inc. provides wishers with the resources and donors they need to support their cause while offering donors transparency and tax benefits for their contributions. It is part of his long career that is centered on leveraging the power of tech to make life better. With Wishes Inc., Chase Harmer has achieved his goal of making a difference in a way that can touch millions of lives in a positive way, by making the process of charity donations easier and more transparent.

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