Indian Visa For Cameroon And Cape Verde Citizens


Those looking for medical care in India can request an e-Medical Visa from the Government of India. Travelers visiting India for medical purposes need to acquire an India eMedical Visa, which is also referred to as an electronic India Medical Visa. e-Medical Visas can be obtained by individuals from over 169 countries who are seeking medical treatment in India. The e-Visa for India was implemented by the Indian Government in November 2014, providing a simplified online visa process that removes the requirement of visiting an embassy or consulate. Through filling out the uncomplicated India Medical Visa application on the internet, citizens who meet the requirements can receive a valid e-Visa for up to 60 continuous days for medical purposes. The India Medical e-Visa is a triple entry visa valid for 120 days from the date of issue. The second and third entries into India must be made within 60 days of the first. The requirements for the India Medical eVisa are the same as the Tourist eVisa. However, applicants must also provide a certified letter from the relevant Indian hospital or medical center.


  • Applicants must have a passport issued by an eligible country to obtain the India e-Medical visa. This passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date the traveler intends to arrive in the country.

  • In addition, foreign nationals must provide a letter from the hospital in India where they will receive treatment.

  • Proof that they have the funds to cover their stay.

  • They must also have a return or onward ticket when applying.

  • A valid email address to receive the E-visa.

  • You can use a Credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay for the Medical E-Visa fees.


Anyone traveling to India on a “Medical Visa” must register with FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival. The registration process is the same in most countries.


When requesting an India Business or Tourist e-Visa, you are required to arrive in India via air or cruise at designated airports and ports, as per regulations set by Indian e-Visa Immigration. With a multiple-entry e-Visa, you are permitted to enter through various airports or seaports during future trips. Despite having four options for leaving India (air, cruise, rail, and bus), an e-Visa permits entry only by flight or cruise. Due to the monthly updates on approved airports and seaports, we suggest saving our website as a favorite and checking back frequently. According to the decision of the Indian immigration officials, this list will be revised in the next months to include other airports and seaports.

e-Visa India Authorized Entry Ports

  1. Ahmedabad (AMD)

  2. Amritsar (ATQ)

  3. Bagdogra (IXB)

  4. Bengaluru (BLR)

  5. Bhubaneshwar (BBI)

  6. Calicut (CCJ)

  7. Chandigarh (IXC)

  8. Chennai (MAA)

  9. Cochin (COK)

  10. Coimbatore (CJB)

  11. Delhi (DEL)

  12. Gaya (GAY)

  13. Goa (GOI)

  14. Guwahati (GAU)

  15. Hyderabad (HYD)

  16. Jaipur (JAI)

  17. Kannur (CNN)

  18. Kolkata (CCU)

  19. Lucknow (LKO)

  20. Madurai Airport (IXM)

  21. Mangalore (IXE)

  22. Mumbai (BOM)

  23. Nagpur (NAG)

  24. Portblair (IXZ)

  25. Pune (PNQ)

  26. Tiruchirapalli (TRZ)

  27. Trivandrum (TRV)

  28. Varanasi (VNS)

  29. Vishakhapatnam (VTZ)


According to Indian immigration regulations, all visa applicants, including tourists, are required to give a reference name. The name on the reference will be shown in your passport when traveling with a tourist visa. If there is no reference name field on your passport, your first name will be considered as your reference name. The Indian Government’s Immigration Department requires your location and associations to be disclosed. Every nation has its own established internal policies that cannot be altered. When in India, it is advisable to have a companion you are familiar with or who can communicate on your behalf. The Indian Visa Application Form requires the inclusion of these specific details. You must also provide your home address in the nation from where you are traveling in the online application form. Always make an effort to provide accurate facts.


India’s rich and diverse local culture is well known. Visitors from all over the world come to learn firsthand about the country’s history, culture, cuisine, and way of life. It is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Citizens of 169 countries, including Cameroon, can now apply for e-Visas in India. Every year, millions of people, including Cameroonians, travel to India for pleasure, medical treatment, and commerce. The most popular India e-Visa, also known as the India Tourist e-Visa, enables Cameroonian citizens to easily travel to India for tourism purposes. It allows for multiple entries and stays lasting up to 90 days from the date of admission. The Indian tourist visa is valid for one year. Therefore, Cameroonian visitors can come and go as often as they like, as long as they do not exceed 90 days per visit. Indian E-Business Visa for travelers from Cameroon who are doing business in India. The e-Business visa allows a Cameroonian to enter the country twice. The E-Business Visa has a total length of stay of 180 days from the first date of entry. Cameroonians can use the length of stay (180 days) in one entry or divide it into two entries. The India e-Medical Visa is a short-term travel authorization for Cameroonians seeking medical care in India. This online travel authorization allows its holder 3 entries into the country within a period of 60 days from the date of issue. Once travelers to Cameroon familiarize themselves with the necessary requirements, they can easily apply online for an e-travel authorization for India from the comfort of their own home.


  • A valid Cameroon passport the passport must be valid for at least 6 months when entering the country.

  • A digital-style photo of the Cameroonian applicants’ face

  • A valid email address to receive the Indian eVisa in their Inbox.

  • A valid credit/debit card to pay for the Indian eVisa application.


As a member of the Asian continent, India is known for its rich local culture and distinct characteristics that give the country its uniqueness. India is a well-known tourist destination in Asia, attracting visitors from all over the world. Tourists can get a firsthand glimpse of the country’s culture, cuisine, and traditions. India recently made E-Visas available in an effort to attract tourists from all over the world. Because tourism is a rapidly growing industry, the Indian government has worked hard to develop new marketing strategies. Citizens from over 169 countries, including Cape Verde, can obtain India e-Visas. Cape Verdeans can apply for an Indian visa online, depending on the purpose of their trip. Indian e-Tourist Visa: To enter the country for tourism, visitors must obtain an e-Tourist Visa. Citizens of Cape Verde can apply for one of three types of tourist electronic visas in India, depending on how long they plan to stay. You can stay in India for up to 30 days from the date of arrival with this double entry e Visa. You can apply for a long-term e-tourist visa, such as the India Tourist Visa for 1 Year and 5 Years, if you want to stay longer in this country for leisure purposes, to visit relatives and friends, or to engage in short-term yoga programs and local language studies. These visas allow multiple entries into India and a stay of less than 90 days for each consecutive journey. Once travelers are familiar with the requirements, they may easily apply online from the comfort of their own home for an e-travel permission for India.


  • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months when entering the country.

  • A digital-style photo of the applicants’ face.

  • A valid email address to receive the Indian eVisa in their Inbox.

  • A valid credit/debit card to pay for the Indian eVisa application.

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