State1’s GoldBrick Starts its Presale Phase to Propel State1 Vision, Driving Metaverse and Global Expansion

State1 is the world’s first business metaverse, a winning combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, where companies can migrate their business from the real world to the virtual one, integrating innovative features and acquiring millions of customers. Users can enjoy all the goods and services provided by companies, play, have unprecedented experiences, and perform all daily actions in a revolutionary way.

GENOA, ITALY / GLOBEPRWIRE / March 11, 2024 / To address the latest approach, State1’s GoldBrick announces its presale to propel State1 Metaverse’s vision. GoldBrick is in the presale phase, and after completing the seed phase at $0.70, the token is now in the presale phase at $0.90 with the token launch price at $1.00.

With the latest developments and approaches, GoldBrick will be great. With an innovatively designed tokenomics model and a maximum supply of 15 million coins, GoldBrick embodies stability, security, and growth potential, positioning it as a cornerstone of State1 Metaverse infrastructure. Its presale gives opportunities to investors and crypto enthusiasts to get a new era of investment. By participating in the presale, the investors become integral contributors to State1’s transformative journey, propelling the metaverse forward and shaping its destiny.

Over 4000 users and more than 150 companies are part of State1 Metaverse at the moment. All payments, both in FIAT and in crypto, will be converted into GoldBrick, allowing for constant, fast, and limitless token price growth! This will ensure a high currency usage and increase its value over time. State1 will also provide a Visa or Mastercard debit card to pay into the real world with GoldBrick.

Furthermore, GoldBrick’s integration into State1 Metaverse empowers stakeholders and enthusiasts to get unparalleled opportunities for global expansion. State1 transcends geographical constraints, forging bonds and fostering collaboration on a worldwide scale by connecting diverse regions and communities through a digital platform. The metaverse team of professionals, which has formed and solidified during this period, is now distributed across various parts of the globe, coming together to create something truly innovative. State1 pushes the boundaries to grow and expand, being a winning combination of 3 important technologies that are changing the world: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), together with the blockchain technology.

About State1:

State1 Metaverse emerged as a cutting-edge project that began in 2021, and after 14 months of hard work, the platform structured the business metaverse. Along with this, the platform has the vision and an unprecedented virtual world that spans 225 million square meters with over 43,500 buildable plots divided into 25 areas of interest ranging from finance to sport, to gaming and many other spheres. Since 2022, many investors and enthusiasts can invest by buying assets in the metaverse (plots, buildings, stores, offices, USP, avatars and more). Since then, the platform has increased the significant value of these properties by managing an algorithm based on the surrounding area, districts and points of interest.

Additionally, with the groundbreaking developments, GoldBrick will be the official of our metaverse and will be exchangeable through major exchanges starting from the launch in July 2024.

Contact person: PERREON VINCENZ

Company name: State1



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