This is a decentralized volunteer community established by a group of Saga2 holders. They are a group of passionate Solana enthusiasts!


Synopsis: The first-generation Saga phones were priced at $550, but the airdrop yielded over $10,000, nearly 20 times the initial investment! That’s why the pre-sale of the Saga2 phones, with 100,000 units prepared, has already sold over 120,000 units. The pre-sale is still ongoing, and despite not having received the phones yet, the airdrop has already yielded around $300! The author regrets not buying more units! 55555 (PS: The second window period hasn’t ended yet; currently priced at $500, $50 higher than the first window period. Prices are likely to rise further in the third window period. Act fast if you want to purchase!)

Details of the second-generation airdrop:

The highest price for IQ50 is $160, and there are also airdrops for Catwifhat, Sealwifhat, Planktos, Barbie, BEMO, MuShu (starting with airdrop of 88,888 at the highest price of $32), and BearPaw. These are the airdrops for Chapter 2 holders!

Additionally, there are NFT lottery prizes worth 80 SOL and 30 SOL respectively, sent to 6 individuals through a lottery format. There are also rewards of 500 USDC for 5 individuals, 20M-BONK rewards for 2 individuals, and 1000 JUP rewards for 2 individuals.

This month, JUP has promised a $200 reward for the top 500 individuals. Also, Wuffi will take a snapshot of Chapter 2 on March 28th and then distribute the airdrop!

Statistics as of March 23, 2024.

Official website selling address:

Back to the topic: The purpose of establishing this community is to promote web3 and Solana in the Asia-Pacific region! Let more people understand Solana, fall in love with Solana, and use products based on Solana! (Editor’s note: The ideal is lofty, I wonder how long they can persist? Wishing them success in fulfilling this mission and driving history forward! Hah)

Currently, we are providing purchasing consultation and later transportation services for users in China for Saga2. Their community collaborates with an electronic product import-export foreign trade company, which can handle the importation of Saga2, deliver it inland, and ensure it reaches consumers legally and compliantly.

(Editor’s note: This is crucial! Because online forwarding by individuals or companies is essentially acting as a proxy for receiving and sending parcels, which carries many risks. You can inquire directly with the forwarding company about specific risks, and they will inform you, but they won’t disclose them unless you ask.)

Currently, we are also in discussions with teams from Solana hackathon projects and Qualcomm’s VR device and cold wallet projects. (Editor’s note: Wow, could this be the next Saga? We hope this community can secure a substantial grant from the Solana Foundation!)

Latest updates: Two judges from the hackathon have praised the project proposal from this community! Additionally, TOLY, the founder of Solana, has also praised the community! I wonder what happened to $silly, which was once praised by TOLY? The remaining possibilities are quite exciting!

The editor’s analysis of this community is that it currently operates on a basis of philanthropy. Its members come from all over the world and likely have their own professions. They help users purchase and understand web3 products only in their spare time, focusing solely on the Solana ecosystem.

Currently, they are also seeking to collaborate with manufacturers of hardware devices within the Solana ecosystem, assisting these manufacturers with various implementation services.

Currently, this community operates on a three-token model of token economics! The coins are functioning well and are worth investing in for value investors.

Community official website: 

Community Twitter: 

Community Telegram:

In conclusion, we hope to see more communities like this dedicated to altruism across society. The widespread adoption of web3 is just around the corner! And of course, if you’re looking to buy a phone, they’re the ones to go to!

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No  journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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