TORUN coffee machine: conquer Africa’s heart, Kotda market open up a new chapter

Welcome to the world of TORUN coffee machines, a place where the trend and innovation experience. We are a company dedicated to providing convenient, high -quality and diversified coffee services.

Torun coffee machines are derived from London, England. In this historic city, we have drawn inspiration, integrate the essence of tradition and modernity, and create our own coffee world. We have been committed to innovation, trend, and quickly providing coffee services. Unmanned stores are the future retail trend.


As one of the world’s leading coffee machine suppliers, the TORUN coffee machine leads the trend of the coffee market. Our products have many advantages: convenience, high quality, diversity, easy maintenance, and personalized experience. At present, TORUN Group cooperates with Nestle, Maxwell House, Illy, Starbucks and other coffee brands to customize coffee machines to provide high -quality coffee products for global coffee enthusiasts, complete components traceability systems, 7 days and 24 hours of technical services, and regularly hold them. On -site training, everything is centered on. We have always been pursuing continuously providing higher quality and better use of experience coffee equipment. High and low voltage extraction: High -voltage extraction system helps you to make the aroma of coffee to the maximum possibilities, and make a pure Italian concentrated coffee for you. 19G powder large capacity: We have made innovations on the capacity of the foam, increasing the conventional 14 ~ 16G capacity to 19G, and at the same time increase the extraction accuracy, exert the connotation of each bean to the fullest, and make the big cups in the large cups in the American style more efficiently coffee. Long service life: The high -performance bubbler of the all -metal body, coupled with a powerful transmission and pump pressure system, can ensure the stable use and long life of the machine under the peak time.

We have their own branches in 47 countries including the United Kingdom, the European Union, China, the United States, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. At present, the number of shared coffee machines deployed worldwide has reached 26,4500. The shared coffee machine products are applied to public areas such as shopping malls, schools, airports, hospitals, office buildings. More than 2,600 maintenance personnel;


We know the close connection between coffee and Africa. African countries are the origin of many excellent coffee beans in the world. In the next ten years, our TCM companies have implemented the promotion and layout of coffee machines in many countries such as Cortda, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Sudan, and other countries in Africa, to achieve healthy competition between many countries. In the end, the country with the highest market share will be selected, and other African branches will be involved in the promotion and deployment of the country. Of course, we hope that Corteda will win in the competition of African headquarters, which will bring more jobs and higher job treatment to Corteda. The company’s management selection will also give priority to members of Kotda. At the same time, all participating members can enjoy the dividend of the headquarters at the end of the year. Therefore, we hope to convey our support and care for Africa by sponsoring the African national team.

Our African team is composed of elite talents from all over the world. They combine professional knowledge and innovation concepts to provide you with the highest quality service and product support.

The future development prospects of shared self -service coffee machines are very broad. In the future, our business will spread all over the world. Enterprises will be able to achieve remote monitoring and management of coffee machines through smart devices and cloud platforms, and provide more personalized and customized services.

Happiness, sharing, health, and long -lasting is the long -term development concept we adhere to.

In the future, our work will focus on the following aspects:

1. Sustainable development: environmental protection and reduce energy consumption.

2. Community connection: Each coffee machine is a social station.

3. Intelligent technology: Integrated into intelligent technology to provide more convenient and efficient services.

4. Diverse selection: It will provide a variety of coffee choices to meet the taste needs of different people.

5. Economic benefits: reduce the expenses of personal purchase of coffee through sharing models.

Join us, explore the mystery of coffee together, and create a better life together! TORUN coffee machine makes each cup of coffee a part of life and achieve a dream of wealth!


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